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“Imagination is the vivifying and evolutionary principle behind all manifestations.”

Welcome to the Magic of Art.

Here we explore the mystery of human imagination through art. We represent different states of mind and perceptions causing us to look carefully at the results of how the eyes of the hands can create symbols, characters, moods and expressions.

We encourage creative thinking with a sense of adventure while examining the shadow side of life. Our colorful mind map of subjects and expert opinions from around the world will weigh in on our topics of discussions.

You are invited to participate with your knowledge and questions. There are no right or wrong answers for art alchemy…only points of views leading us to discover more about our capacity to appreciate other’s imagined perception of reality. Visual art helps to keep this stimulus alive in the human experience.

Here we can express and create from a space that speaks to us, to you, to him, to her, offering something original from the soul.

We will introduce our interest in the imagination as a human faculty worth preserving and exploring particularly with regards to AI. This is important because we recognize the benefits and the dangers of letting Artificial intelligence take control while we sit back and watch on our personal Tablets.

Art is a language. Art illustrates and tells stories. Speak with us as we evolve into a new system of global community, connecting around the world to share knowledge, opinions and experiences with art. We love letting passion organically meet its match in art.

Become a part of something larger and join in our discussions and the sharing of intel on art in sex, food and the new science on human potential. These subjects will help us strengthen and navigate the intuition. The energy of your contribution will help us create the conditions we are learning to master…. “The sense of the possible”.

Draw, Paint, Sculpt, Sing Songs, Recite Poetry and Dance or Intellectually Pontificate. Something creative and transformative is sure to result.

Join the conversation as a listener, participant, contributor, subject matter expert. Your view is important to us and a valuable asset as we evolve.

Basic Rules: Show Respect. No Criticizing, Shaming and Bulling allowed.

Insightful comments, recommendations, suggestions, feedback, critiques, intellectual debates are welcomed and interest us.

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1 thought on “ART ALCHEMY BLOG”

  1. I’m excited to meet each of you electronically and one day in person; as we explore our common interest in the unknown parts of our personalities and imaginations. We are constantly working out the gliches when they happen, but I promise you, like good sex, it keeps getting better and better.

    However, you must participate. Come here when it’s time to chill. Get away from the usual voices, opinions and express your own appreciation for artistic esthetics.
    I am going to leave you for now, but not too long. Keep checking in. You might find something of interest to your imagination.
    Best Regards, Stay Healthy, Enjoy the Life,

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