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Art Lovers, Collectors, Creators, Curators and the Curios!



If you are here it’s because you are mentally savvy, curious,  culturally conscious and have an interest in the Art of the Imagination.

Our cross generations international society connects you with emerging Caribbean artists in Colombia, global Art Collectors and subject matter experts. Artlovers Online presents four  theme exhibitions per year.

For the Chocoholics; ChocolArt Exhibition. For the Party People; Carnival Art. For the Sensuous; Sensual Art Exhibition. For the Mystical; Realismo Magico Art Exhibition. Collect and enjoy contemporary art in many genres:                                          

Figurative, Conceptual, Abstract,Surrealism, Modern Expressionism, Trans-Avant Garde, Impressionists, Pop Caribbean and more.

¿Why are creative people so sexy?

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Julio Russo "Abstract Artist"

“Estallido De Paisaje, Rocas Que Toman Color.”

Collect original Colombian artwork.

Receive package within  7 busisnes days.

We ship art  all over the world.

Framed or Canvas.

We guarantee your happiness with  your artwork , you can always re-list for sale.


Artist of the month

"Abstract Artist"

Julio Russo…I am a Colombian Art Historian and Artist, Professor of Art, Escuela District of Arts in Barranquilla. I conduct private art work shops for groups and individuals in oil, watercolor, drawing, human figure, still life, landscape and abstract techniques. As an artist, I represent human beings as shown with distortions of free play of pictorial space in various dispositions ; erotic, aggressive, caressing, hard, soft, fun and dramatic. I am known to have structures that seem to take hold in a geometric game but end up contorting themselves in baroque gestures as if they were united at same time as they were rejected


We are a collective of Artists, representatives of the most varied trends in arts in the Caribbean, who guided by inspiration of our most creative self; invite you to delve into the depths of it, and we sharing our vision through light, colors and time.

Trishiana Shelton

Conceptual Artist born in BlueRidge Mountains of Virginia United States. Holds a BS Degree in Psychology, Masters Degree in Public Adminstration. 20 years experience as successful business developer and strategist. Enjoys writing books and articles related to art and human development. Artist Agent and Collector. Art Collector y Promotes Caribbean y Colombian Art.

jimmy Aycardi

System Ingenier form Barraqnuilla living in Puerto Colombia , Atlantico…..surfer and musician, art lover ,  and always thinking to be happy !!

Technical Director and Web designer for Artlovers Online

Bostas brain

Luis Alberto Quintero Blanco, Living in Colombia ,born in Venezuela, named “Poet of the City” and founding member of La Corte and Papashanti Band, primier of hip hop and rapper in Venezuela is mystical by nature, who recognized how fundamental and transcendental it is to assume spirituality as a daily practice. “My words express that vibrant energy that still continues to create worlds. My perception largely represents what would become to the visible of the invisible language of the soul that communicates the Spirit. Poetry Visual Geometrica.


Ivan Florez and Lorena Pajaro This artistic couple has been together for over 25 years. Their works are recognized by their neighboring, colorful and linear style with which they represent scenes mainly typical of the region, with a touch of love, humor, poetry and fantasy. Each work of art created by this couple tells a story. Sometimes real and other times fictitious. They are recognized for being of the few artists who perform their works with “four hands”. They are the precursors of the Caribbean Pop Art in Colombia.

Join our community and share the experience with many connoisseurs of art, who like you have a notable interest in discovering the humanity in it.